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story telling



these are the things that we will hold on to.

I just think it is a really amazing thing to be able to look back and see the progression of how things moved, shifted, grew, diminished, dreams arose and faded themselves like sunset into dusk. Friends came and stayed while others passed on to separate paths. Homes changed, furniture moved from one bedroom to the next new one. You look down at your hands on the steering wheel and realize how many times you’ve looked down at those same hands and been passing through a different state, a different town, a different home or season or life. 

It’s a crazy thing too, to see what can so drastically change and what can still remain, or maybe it’s something that faded long ago and you find it’s been placed right back in your life, full circle and in a rush of newness, the old and nostalgia comes flowing along with it, like some ever rising river that keeps moving but carrying with it all the sweet and blissful, all the hard and painful, all the love and sadness and joy and hope. This life river weaves an incredible path to stand up and look back upon. What a path it creates, what a plan the Father weaves, so detailed and distinct to each of his children. 


All of these photos have such a separate and intentional memory, such a distinct memory. And it is truly so amazing to look back and know that all along my God was walking alongside me, guiding me even when I had my back turned, even when my dreams and desires were selfishly turned and away from his heart, he was never far but always just as near. What a good God. 

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